Sold to Iceland and Denmark !

Also the 2nd volume of THE AMAZING AND ASTONISHING ADVENTURES OF MAULINA SCHMITT by Finn-Ole Heinrich, illustraded by Rán Flygenring will be published in Iceland by Angustura! 
The series has so far been translated into 10 languages!

  • Rights sold to France (Thierry Magnier); Spain (Edebé), Netherlands (Lannoo); Denmark (Turbine); Turkey (Tudem); Korea (LIME); Russia (Samokat); Ukraine (Art Publishers Nebo), Czech Republik (Práh); Iceland (Angústúra)

warm, humorous, delightfully unconventional

Once upon a time, we still had everything.
A flat on the fourth floor of a big house, above it only the dark and spooky attic where the dust danced from sunbeam to sunbeam all day long and probably through the dark at night, where the pigeons and mice and ghosts and monsters fought over who owned what round here, who was the boss round here. When I couldn’t sleep I’d hear their tiny footsteps, the scuffling, cooing, flapping and landing, the scurrying and bumping, the jostling, trundling and frolicking, and then the silence of the dust.
We had four rooms and mine was the biggest, because I was the smallest and needed most room for growing, obviously.
We had eighty-four potted plants and a balcony with strawberries and pictures on the walls, and under every table was a secret painting by a young artist (me!), who would be famous one fine day.
We had wooden ceiling beams and marks on the doorframe to show how much I was growing.
We all three of us had curly hair and mine was even red, until my mother cut all our curls off, first mine because I’d moaned and groaned like a walrus with a stomach ache every time she combed my hair, then hers so I wouldn’t be the only one without curls, and then the man’s so he wasn’t the only one with curls.
We had a thousand names for me and ‘Groana’ won the cup, because my name’s actually Mona, so it rhymes, and because I’m an expert at the fine art of moaning and groaning. Moaning and groaning is more than just complaining, moaning and groaning is a way of life, but I’ll get to that later.
We had wellies and dirt and two tortoises, Lenny and Roy, and, OK, we’ve still got them because tortoises are tough cookies and they don’t let anything get them excited, so they get as old as they hills, or almost. And we had a shared backyard with a gardener (me!) and a boss (me!) and a circus ringmaster (me!) and sometimes visitors to my garden, the other people who lived in our building and of course my friends, who lived with me in
that road, in the kingdom of Groanland: Julius, Bart, Luise, Paulina and Pit.
We had all that in the flat, the building, the street, the kingdom, my kingdom known as Groanland, and I am the Princess of Groanland and atthe same time the Head of the Groanverment.(translated from German by Katy Derbyshire)

Maulina’s world has gone off the rails: she and her mother have moved out of Moldavia, away from their cosy house with the voracious floorboards, blue-white sofas and greasy light switches. Maulina doesn’t understand why they had to move all the way over to the other side of town to »Plasticville«, where everything is totally sterile and there doesn’t seem to be a child in sight. Was it the man who made that decision? When Maulina is angry, nothing is left standing. And right now she’s furious: at the man, at her school, at the whole wide world. Her one desire is to move back to Moldavia – and she already has a scheme in mind… Whether Maulina’s scheme succeeds, whether she settles down in »Plasticville« and what will happen about her mother’s secret will be divulged in volume two, coming shortly…