Matthes & Seitz Berlin

Matthes & Seitz Berlin is an independent German publishing house founded in 2004. It publishes about 80 titles per year in fiction and non-fiction. Besides a focus on both French and Russian literature, its fiction list includes contemporary authors from Germany like Frank Witzel, Esther Kinsky, Angela Steidele, Philip Schönthaler, and Jakob Nolte. Non-fiction has always had a central place in MSB’s program, especially philosophy, political theory, and art and cultural studies. Translations from the French and English play a large part, as do prominent German authors like Jürgen Goldstein. The series Fröhliche Wissenschaft (The Joyful Wisdom), with its short essays, is a prominent stage for presenting audacious new philosophers. Its authors, who include Byung-chul Han and Marcus Steinweg, have been translated into numerous languages. In 2013, Matthes & Seitz Berlin established a new cornerstone in its program with the series Naturkunden (Natural Sciences), which publishes books whose design matches nature’s beauty, bringing nature, writing, movement, space, ecology, and humanity into focus.