nominated! the nominees for the GERMAN CHILDREN’S LITERATURE AWARD 2019 are out

Don’t miss the following which come highly recommended:

Nominated for the GERMAN CHILDREN’S LITERATURE AWARD in the category for new exciting illustrators: Halina Kirschner with the book „Tractor is coming, too“ (mairisch). „Tractor“ was already awarded last year as one of Germany’s Most Beautiful Children’s Books of 2018. Rights sold to UK & Ireland (Little Island), Spanish (Takatuka), Katalan (Takatuka) and Danish (Damgaard).

Nominated in the category Best Children’s Book for text AND illustration: Franziska Biermann’s „Jacky Marrone. In Search of Golden Claw“ (dtv junior). Woop woop! Jacky Marrone is a streetwise fox and private detective with an extraordinary knack for tricky cases …

Dirk Pope and „Departed“ are nominated for the German Book Award in the category “YA”. The book was also recommended by the International Children’s and Youth Literature Festival White Raven last fall and received wonderful press upon publication.

Stefanie Höfler was nominated twice! for her book „The Huge Black Bird“ (Beltz & Gelberg, 2018) in the categorie „YA“ and for the „readers‘ award“ !