Sold to Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway !

Keep an eye on this author+illustrator dream team: The books of Katharina von der Gathen illustrated by Anke Kuhl have seen an amazing success and have been sold to twelve languages, by now including Norwegian, Danish and Swedish !

Everything children really want to know about sex—and aren’t afraid to ask

How much sex education do primary school children need? As much as they ask for, say the experts. And what exactly is it that children want to know? When teaching primary school classes about the human body, love and sexuality, experienced sex educationist Katharina von der Gathen asks the children to write down questions on slips of paper and post them in a box anonymously. She then draws the questions at random and uses them as the basis for her lessons. This book is the result, offering a collection of the most essential questions and answers. Von der Gathen takes a warm-hearted and highly intuitive approach to her subject, demonstrating a sure sense for what children really want to know.