Sold to Norway and Sweden !

The following is an absolute non-fiction highlight for children. THE LOVE LIFE OF ANIMALS (Klett Kinderbuch) by Katharina von der Gathen and Anke Kuhl was published by Alfabeta in Sweden and just now sold to Norway (Solum Bokvennen)!

other rights sold to English language, Spain (cast., cat.), Italy, Poland, Estonia, The Netherlands, PR China, Romania, Korea, Czech Republic, Hungary

When animals fall in love

“How do animals do it?” Children are always especially eager to learn about this whenever Katharina von der Gathen talks to them about sex education. And so she began to look into it, and discovered a treasure trove of information about seductive arts, mating rituals, and family forms. This spectacular book is the result of her extensive research. In its pages, we learn about the tenderness of scorpions and the brutality of bedbugs, the gory rivalry that occurs in the stomachs of shark mothers, and the loving care provided by some animal fathers for their progeny.

The book’s distinct layout combined with Anke Kuhl’s illustrations will remind the reader of a classic nature encyclopedia, distinguished by a unique charm and humor. And the fold-out pages, such as “Animal Baby Exhibition” and “Penis Gallery” are great fun!

– Lavishly illustrated and intriguing: The amazement never ends here!
– Funny, captivating and fascinating – for children and adults