Ingrid Nyström & Stina Forss Series Is Out in Sweden

The authors Kerstin Danielsson and Roman Voosen are a German-Swedish couple living in Växjö, Sweden. Their series on a police force in Växjö who is joined by a young Swedish woman re-locating there from Berlin has seen a wonderful success with more than 350.000 copies sold in Germany alone. Now Ersatz Förlag just published case 1 in Swedish translation (Ersatz is also the publisher of the Babylon Berlin series in Sweden) !

  • more than 350.000 copies sold in Germany
  • a co-production with Swedish television SVT under negotiation
  • a true crime case gives the frame for all 7 volumes of the series
  • incredibly suspenseful, psychologically complex and socially explosive cases

A body found deep in the woods, mysterious traces, a seemingly endless winter: Ingrid Nyström and Stina Forss embark on their first case

The young German-Swedish police detective Stina Forss leaves behind her boyfriend and Berlin to take on a job in Växjö in the Swedish province of Småland. She has barely had time to get to know her new boss – the recently promoted Ingrid Nystöm – when the elderly Englishman Balthasar Frost is discovered in his greenhouse, dead and disfigured by horrific acid burns. Who kills an ancient entomologist? And why? As the cool-headed and experienced Nyström and her impulsive young colleague initiate the investigation, they hardly suspect just how far it will take them: deep into Sweden’s turbulent history, up into Stockholm’s highest circles and, in Forss’ case, all the way to Jerusalem. The two women discover that nothing in their homeland is as it seems – and that this case has more to do with them than they’d like.

Two extraordinary inspectors, headstrong colleagues, and a provincial city marked by long winters: a tour-de-force crime novel debut by the German-Swedish author duo Voosen and Danielsson.