Austrian Book Prize 2019: Here Are the Nominees !

The short list for Best Debut Novel 2019 was just announced and You will find both, Marco Dinic‚ THE GOOD DAYS (Zsolnay, 2019) and Angela Lehner’s OUR FATHER (Hanser Berlin, 2019) on it!

Furthermore, the longlist nominates Norbert Gstrein’s WHEN I WAS YOUNG (Hanser, 2019), Marlene Streeruwitz‚ WALL OF FLAMES (S. Fischer), Karl-Markus Gauß‚ AN ADVENTUROUS JOURNEY THROUGH MY ROOM (Zsolnay, 2019), Gerhard Roth’s HELL IS EMPTY (S. Fischer 2019), and Ivna Žic‚ THE FOLLOWING (Matthes & Seitz, 2019) for the Austrian Book Award 2019 !

Marlene Streeruwitz: Flammenwand (S. Fischer) – It is March in Stockholm. It’s been a hard winter, it is still 15 below zero, and ice crunches underneath Adele’s feet. As she returns from doing the shopping, she sees from afar how her lover leaves the building. She follows him. The closer she gets to him, the more he becomes invisible. Why do why keep following the same images? What can we actually rely upon? And why does love have to become hell? In a world where the waiting loop turns out to be the truth, Adele is negotiating a fine line between liberation and loss of self. Karl-Markus Gauß: Abenteuerliche Reise durch mein Zimmer (Zsolnay) – Many seek adventure in far-off places. But Karl-Markus Gauß, a much-travelled cartographer of Europe’s outer regions, finds them near to home. Gauß treasures these everyday things and finds in them the diversity and richness of the world. And from them, we learn about brave and foreign peoples, remote regions, unknown nationalities and above all, the writer’s own tastes. 
Norbert Gstrein: Als ich jung war (Carl Hanser) – At the beginning there was just a kiss. But is there any such thing as just a kiss? It takes Franz many years to unravel the events of a single night during his youth. Hungry for life and longing for happiness, Franz ends up taking paths that throw doubt on every certainty.
Gerhard Roth: Die Hölle ist leer – die Teufel sind alle hier (S. Fischer) – The translator Emil Lanz, who lives all alone in a house on the Lido, decides to put an end to his dull life. Scouting for a good place to die, he gets drunk and falls asleep. When he wakes again, he witnesses a murder. But did what he saw really happen? Or was his suicide attempt successful and he is now moving in a different dimension? However, as the only witness to this murder, Lanz is now in grave danger.  Ivna Žic: Die Nachkommende (Matthes & Seitz Berlin) Harald Darer: Blaumann (Picus)
Raphaela Edelbauer: Das flüssige Land (Klett-Cotta)
Florjan Lipuš: Schotter (Jung und Jung)
Sophie Reyer: Mutter brennt (edition keiper)
Clemens J. Setz: Der Trost runder Dinge (Suhrkamp)

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