Raving Press for Eva Menasse in Denmark !

For years, Eva Menasse gathered information from the animal world that, like reverse fables, seemed to her to reveal something about human behavior: caterpillars that dig their own graves, sharks that are given artificial respiration, ducks that keep a lookout for predators even when they’re asleep, sheep that shed their own wool. Each of these stories begins with a curious message from the animal world yet is dedicated entirely to the human species.

The Danish publishing house Jensen & Dalgaard just published these short stories, ADVANCED STUDIES IN ANIMALS (Kiepenheuer & Witsch, 2017) to raving feedback by the Danish critics.

»Super clever…for now Eva Menasse is a new name in Denmark. Let us hope that this is the beginning of a whole authorship in Danish translation.« – Thomas Thurah, Information

The stories received five stars at Politiken:

»It is an absolut gift that this talented author has finally found her way to Denmark.« – Christian Johannes, Politiken

Eva Menasse is the recipient of numerous awards and prizes. For ADVANCED STUDIES IN ANIMALS she received the Austrian Book Prize 2017.

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