Sold to Finland!

Fifteen years after the international success of NIGHTTRAIN TO LISBON, comes Pascal Mercier’s new novel – THE WEIGHT OF WORDS (Hanser).

Eight weeks after publication, the novel is still on top of the bestseller list. We are very happy to announce that rights now also sold to Finland (Tammi)!

  • 70.000 copies sold since publication
  • #1 SPIEGEL bestseller list for the 5th week straight
  • Rights sold to Finland (Tammi), Korea (Gimmyoung), Netherlands (Wereldbibliotheek), Slovakia (Premedia), Turkey (Sia Kitap)
  • English world rights still in auction, Arab world rights under negotiation

Since his childhood, Simon Leyland has been fascinated by languages. In defiance of his parents, he becomes a translator and singlemindedly pursues his goal of learning all the languages spoken around the Mediterranean. From London he follows his wife Livia to Triest, where she has inherited a publishing house. In this city of important literary figures he believes he has found the ideal place for his work – until a medical error throws him off course. However, this apparent catastrophe turns out to be a turning point and an opportunity to once again completely reinvent his life. After an interval of several years, Pascal Mercier’s The Weight of Words is about the freedom that literature gives us and explores the question of how free we are in the choices we make in our lives.