Wonderful Press for Weidermann’s DREAMERS in Denmark and Sweden!

With OSTENDE, 1936. SUMMER BEFORE DARKNESS FELL, Volker Weidermann was welcomed warmly by his Danish and Swedish audience. Now, Turbine in Denmark and Lind & Co. just published DREAMERS. WHEN POETS TOOK THE POWER and the publication was accompanied by a ***** star review in Kristeligt Dagblads in Denmark, a 2-page interview in Weekendavisen in Denmark and a major article in Svenska Dagbladet. We are absolutely thrilled!

»Extremely well done!« – 5 Stjerner, Kristeligt Dagblads

»An extraordinary documentary novel« – Weekendavisen

»Weidermann writes a crystal clear, enjoyable prose while using sensitive source material to direct the spotlight on individual people in a larger historical event. What did they experience? How did they respond? How did it shape what happened in their lives afterwards? It is Volker Weidermann’s outstanding ability to shape breaking times in history, reflected through the testimonies and lives of individuals, that is his greatest strength. In „Munich 1918“ he creates a vivid image of the German Revolution, but also manages to point towards towards events well beyond the book’s own timeframe.« – Svenska Dagbladet

OSTENDE, 1936. SUMMER BEFORE DARKNESS FELL about the Beglian sea resort Ostende that became the refuge for writers and intellectuals like Joseph Roth and Stefan Zweig. DREAMERS. WHEN THE POETS TOOK POWER takes us to the short period between WWI and the Nazi’s rise to power when writers, poets, playwrights and intellectuals led the way and announced a Free State of Bavaria. This is history – told in Weidermann’s characteristically lucid, sharp prose – of how a small group of people could have altered the course of the twentieth century.

In his most recent book, THE DUEL, Weidermann explores the relationship of one of Germany’s most important German writers and one of it’s most important literary critics of all times, one a former member of the Waffen-SS, the other a survivor of the Wasaw Ghetto: Günther Grass and Marcel Reich-Ranicki.

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