Finalist for National Book Awards 2020: Anja Kampmann’s HIGH AS THE WATERS RISE (Hanser/Catapult)

Anja Kampmann is among the finalists for the National Book Awards 2020 !!! Rigths sold to France (Gallimard), Italy (Keller) and UK/USA (Catapult).

„This first novel by an established poet examines the marginalized lives of European laborers . . . Although Kampmann addresses current events, such as environmental degradation and the precariousness of modern Europe, her focus is on how ideas of masculinity affect one man’s ability to grieve.“ ––The New Yorker

„This is climate fiction―a genre that explores climate change in fictional narratives―at its best.“ ―Amy Brady, Literary Hub

„The beautiful English-language debut from German poet Kampmann tells the story of a middle-aged oil rig worker’s emotional crisis after the death of his friend . . . As Waclaw digs up memories of his drilling throughout the world―in Morocco, Mexico, and Brazil―he ruminates on generations of workers who must eke out a living by exploiting the earth and its resources. Kampmann captures the visceral uneasiness that arises from second guessing one’s past.“ ––Publishers Weekly

„In her debut novel, German poet Kampmann touchingly and intimately illustrates the fallout of capitalism’s dependence on oil . . . This is a haunting exploration of the devastating costs all kinds of gig workers have to bear to feed themselves and the belly of the beast.“ ––Booklist

„The story of a man at the edge, a story of displacement and existential loneliness told with restraint . . . A poet’s novel in the richness of its imagery and the exquisiteness of the language.“ ––Library Journal

„A quiet but powerful novel . . . Kampmann’s characters are memorable; her dialogue spare but realistic. Her prose, ably translated by Posten, isn’t showy, but it’s quite pretty and, at times, gorgeous . . . A thoughtful, unsparing look at loss . . . A promising fiction debut with understated but beautiful writing.“ ―Kirkus