The winner of the German Book Award 2020, French-German Anne Weber’s ANNETTE, UNE ÉPOPÉE / ANNETTE, EIN HELDINNENEPOS / EPIC ANNETTE knocks critics out, just climbed the SPIEGEL bestsellerlist and we are happy to announce the first sales abroad:

  • winner of the German Book Award 2020 !
  • #7 on the SPIEGEL bestseller list !
  • complete French text available
  • complete German text by the author available
  • rights sold to Italy (Mondadori), Spain (Alianza), Portugal (under negotiation) and France (Seuil) !
  • raving feedback from critics:

»A reading delight from beginning to end.« – Joseph Hanimann, Süddeutsche Zeitung

»Surely one of the best German-language books of this strange year.« – Gerrit Bartels, Der Tagesspiegel

»What a life. What a woman. And, yes, what a book.« – SWR2, Book of the Week 

»One of the most amazing books in the German language for a long time.« – Alexander Cammann, ZEIT

»With a lighter hand, the seriousness of history has rarely been interwoven with the play of literature. What else should be ennobled with a book award?« – Stefan Kister, Stuttgarter Zeitung

»This search movement, marked by ambivalences, doubts and paradoxes, makes Anne Weber’s unorthodox verse epic about the life of a freedom-seeker in permanent resistance a literary event in the best sense.« – Michael Braun, ZEIT online

»’Annette‘ is a wise epic. It doesn’t see things so narrowly – but it doesn’t let anything get away, neither its heroine nor us. As unlikely as it may sound, perhaps the future of our contemporary literature lies in the epic poem.« – Moritz Baßler, taz

The incredible life of a true heroine of the 20th century: Born in 1923 in Brittany, member of the communist youth organisation and of the résistance during the Second World War, Annette de Beaumanoir saved two Jewish kids and received from Yad Vashem the distinction of the „Righteous Among the Nations“. Because of her participation in the Algerian war, she was sentenced to 10 years in prison. She broke free after an incredible escape, was part of the Ben Bella governement before fleeing again to Switzerland this time where she works as a neurologist.

»Anne Beaumanoir is one of her names.

She exists, yes, she exists also outside these pages…«

Please also check out a new book trailer in English: