FUNERAL FOR A DOG adapted for screen

Thomas Pletzinger’s gem of a novel FUNERAL FOR A DOG (Kiepenheuer & Witsch 2011) was a huge success upon publication and sold instantly to Norton in the US. Now the book is being turned into an 8-episode mini series starring Finnish actress Alina Tomnikov alongside a supreme international crew and was filmed on sets in Finland, Italy, Columbia, Germany and the US.

»Pletzinger’s debut is a real smash hit. It’s been a long time since a young German writer has thrown himself into the hurly-burly of life and literature with so much intelligence and bravado.« Der Spiegel

»The kind of writing that makes us want to read the whole book as soon as possible; a shot of adrenaline that immediately takes us to a new world.« David Varno, Words Without Borders

An anthropoligist in an existential crisis, a best-selling children’s book writer in a ruined boat-house on Lake Lugano, a beautiful Finnish doctor, a four-year-old without father, a mysterious friend, a dying dog and a hidden manuscript – Thomas Pletzinger blends these ingredients into a thrilling, vibrant and deeply touching story.  

Daniel Mandelkern is in an existential crisis, leaves his home for a while and hopes the distance will help him clear his mind – about his life, his love, and the future of his marriage. A story about people in their mid-thirties: they have travelled the world but have not yet found a home; they have made big plans but now have to put them into practice. This is the age-old story about the longing for happiness and love: Thomas Pletzinger retells it with an eye for detail, linguistic flair and atmospheric density.

»Really good books do three things: surprise, stir, overwhelm. Bestattung eines Hundes is the most surprising, stirring and indeed the most overwhelming book to be written in a long time.« Saša Stanišic