The 5th Babylon Berlin Case is Out in Denmark!

The Danish edition at Lindhardt & Ringhof comes with a goosebump cover and is receving five star reviews in Politiken and Jyllands-Posten !!! :

THOSE WHO FELL IN MARCH (Kiepenheuer & Witsch) is Gereon Rath’s fifth case and is set in 1933, a year of destiny in world history. Gereon is brought on to solve the murder of a homeless veteran while the Reichstag burns down, a change of fate for a nation and for Gereon Rath.

»Volker Kutscher knows how to combine contemporary history with drama – his books have the seductive power of a drug

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

February 1933: The political situation in Germany is getting more and more tense; the Reichstag is set on fire shortly before the general elections, playing into the hands of the Nazi party who uses it as an excuse to push an emergency decree through Parliament which suspends basic rights guaranteed in the constitution – a first step towards the elimination of all political opponents.

Meanwhile Gereon Rath grapples with a case that he inherited from his superior who has fallen from grace with the new Nazi police chief. The case leads him deep into the legacy of the First World War, back to March 1917, when German soldiers left behind scorched earth in Northern France during “Operation Alberich”. Unpunished murders, misappropriated gold bars from a French bank and a captain who falls into a treacherous booby trap result in a series of murders 16 years later. The key to it all seems to be the soon to be published war novel of retired Lieutenant Achim Graf von Roddeck.

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