Sold to Denmark, Norway and Sweden!

Judith Hermann’s upcoming novel is nominated for the Prize of Leipzig Book Fair 2021! We are also delighted that DAHEIM (S. Fischer) will be published by Pelikanen in Norway, Batzer & Co. in Denmark and Weyler in Sweden!

The judges opinion:

»Crystal-clear prose telling of the loose ends in the middle of life: Hermann captures the deeply existential: Who has dominion over a biography, how do we deal with the end of a love story, with being alone, letting go and setting out? Dense, wise, haunting.«

Judith Hermann tells the story of a woman who leaves a great deal behind her, of memories, desires and the turning points in life.

She lives in the city, works in the cigarette factory, gets a chance to take a trip to Singapore as a magician’s assistant on board a cruise ship and has to make a decision; half a life later, that long-forgotten moment occurs to her all of a sudden. Now she’s living by the sea, forging careful friendships, starting a new love affair, wondering if she might feel at home here or ought to move on. DAHEIM tells the story of a departure: an old world is lost and a new one comes about.

▪ rights sold to NEW Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Czech, and Slovakia
▪ nominated for the Prize of Leipzig Book Fair 2021
▪ 1,5 mio. copies of her books sold
▪ the new novel by the recipient of the Danish Karen Blixen Prize for Short Stories 2016

»A brilliant story-teller who strings her sentences together like beads.« – Sonntagszeitung