Judith Hermann’s upcoming novel is nominated for the Prize of Leipzig Book Fair 2021! We are also delighted that DAHEIM (S. Fischer) will be published by Pelikanen in Norway, Batzer & Co. in Denmark and Weyler in Sweden!

The judges opinion:

»Crystal-clear prose telling of the loose ends in the middle of life: Hermann captures the deeply existential: Who has dominion over a biography, how do we deal with the end of a love story, with being alone, letting go and setting out? Dense, wise, haunting.«

Judith Hermann tells the story of a woman who leaves a great deal behind her, of memories, desires and the turning points in life.

She lives in the city, works in the cigarette factory, gets a chance to take a trip to Singapore as a magician’s assistant on board a cruise ship and has to make a decision; half a life later, that long-forgotten moment occurs to her all of a sudden. Now she’s living by the sea, forging careful friendships, starting a new love affair, wondering if she might feel at home here or ought to move on. DAHEIM tells the story of a departure: an old world is lost and a new one comes about.

▪ rights sold to NEW Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Czech, and Slovakia
▪ nominated for the Prize of Leipzig Book Fair 2021
▪ 1,5 mio. copies of her books sold
▪ the new novel by the recipient of the Danish Karen Blixen Prize for Short Stories 2016

»A brilliant story-teller who strings her sentences together like beads.« – Sonntagszeitung