World English rights sold!

Restless Books acquired World English rights to Max Czollek’s DESINTEGRATE YOURSELVES! (Hanser Verlag) and we could not be happier!

Max Czollek is thirty, Jewish and angry. Because there are some strange rules in Germany regarding migrants. A good migrant is someone who speaks out against the oppression of women, Islamism and democracy. And a good Jew is an endless source of information on antisemitism, the Holocaust and Israel. Germany’s drama over integration keeps up its image as a society purged of Nazism; meanwhile, a nationalist party enjoys huge popularity here.

Max Czollek’s groundbreaking text puts forward a strategy to end this drama: Disintegration. Disintegrate yourselves! is a battle cry from the new, diverse Jewish scene, whose stories are told in literary successes such as Deborah Feldman’s Unorthodox or Sasha Marianna Salzmann’s Außer sich (Beside Yourself).
Alongside this, Czollek’s discourse is an attack on the vision of a one, true universal culture, a notion propagated not only by the right-wing AfD party.

This rousing, controversial book is the social debate of the moment.

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