Valley of Glories: The new novel by winner of the German Book Award 2020, Anne Weber

Last year Anne Weber won the German Book Award with ANNETTE, UNE ÉPOPÉE / ANNETTE, EIN HELDINNENEPOS / EPIC ANNETTE (Matthes & Seitz Berlin 2020). This year, we’re excited to be representing the rights to her new novel VALLEY OF GLORIES.

An amour fou that costs work, house, wife, child and hair

In a small port town on the North Atlantic, Sperber, a middle-aged man, lives a lonely and dreary life. While walking along the quay one morning, a stranger appears out of nowhere, kisses him on the lips without comment, and immediately disappears. This event tears Sperber out of his everyday life, awakens a longing that leaves him no choice but to immediately set out in search of this mysterious woman. Finally, he will find her in Paris. Her name is Lynx, she is missing a finger and she works at the Hôtel-Dieu. He doesn’t learn much more about her, but the love that began on the shores of the Atlantic overwhelms him. In an incomparable intensity, the two lovers experience the next days together. But then the unimaginable happens and Sperber is left alone once again. Anne Weber’s great book about loss and hope opens the way to a universe to which we have access only thanks to imagination and love.