Adapted for Screen: Daniel Glattauer’s LOVE VIRTUALLY

Daniel Glattauer’s international hit novel, LOVE VIRTUALLY (“Gut gegen Nordwind” Deuticke 2006) has been adapted for the screen and is now available on Amazon Prime and in audio via Bastion in Norway and Storytel in Denmark. Swedish and Finnish rights are still available.

  • 3,5 mio copies sold worldwide of LOVE VIRTUALLY (2006), EVERY SEVENTH WAVE (2009) and FOREVER YOURS (2012)
  • Translated into 40 languages
  • Adapted for mini screen and now available via Amazon Prime:
  • Adapted for audio and now available via Storytel in Danish and Bastion in Norwegian
  • Swedish and Finnish rights are still available


“This is definitely recommended for fans of Audrey Niffenegger and David Nicholls. It really is a great read that will keep you hooked til the end!”  book monkey scribbles

“This was a massive, million-plus bestseller in  Glattauer’s native Germany, and it’s easy to see why.  Short, striking and snappily written, it explores the  brilliant premise of love by accidental e-mail”  daily mirror

“JUST WHAT YOU NEED” wendy holden

“An ingenious tightly plotted suspense story.  As with a thriller, there is pleasure to be had  here in trying to predict the turn of events”  times literary supplement

“The end is as unexpected as it is inevitable. The  book is translated from German, but the whole  thing is tout à fait guardian

“A modern romance that feels both  fresh and traditional” sunday times

“Read it, you won’t be disappointed” vulpes libris

Is there a safer space for secret desires than virtual reality? The most unusual and compelling love story of the new millennium.

Leo Leike mistakenly receives e-mails from an unknown woman called Emmi. Being polite, he replies, and because Emmi is attracted by him, she writes back.

Soon Leo admits: „I find you terribly interesting, dear Emmi, but I also know how absurd this is.“ And Emmi, soon after: „Your lines and what I make of them add up to the kind of man that I can suddenly imagine being, perhaps, a reality.“

It seems only a matter of time until they will meet in person but the prospect stirs them both so profoundly that they prefer to postpone it just a little bit longer. Also, Emmi is happily married, and Leo still digesting a failed relationship. And, after all: Will the emotions sent, received and stored, survive the test of a „real“ encounter? And if so, what then?