sold to Denmark and Sweden: Mircea Cărtărescu’s MELANCOLIA

The German newspaper Die Welt wrote that MELANCOLIA was „Like Kafka on LSD: Mircea Cărtărescu’s fantastic stories tell of the hell of loneliness.“ Kind of fitting but see for yourselves!

We are happy to announce that rights sold to Denmark (Palomar) and Sweden (Bonniers) where this new masterpiece will be underway, as well as France (Noir sur Blanc), Italy (Nave di Teseo), Slovakia (Brak), and Spain (Impedimenta).

When his mother goes shopping, her fiveyear-old son is convinced that she won’t return. He first explores the apartment, then the nearby rubber factory, and eventually dreams of living in the Concordia department store.

To cure his little sister’s illness, Marcel goes on a nightly trip to the »fox’s den,« the place she is most afraid of.

Year after year, Ivan has to sort out the clothes that have become too small for him. When he meets Dora and falls in love with her, he wonders if girls need to change their skin too.