Sold to Sweden and Denmark: Werner Herzog’s THE TWILIGHT WORLD

Since the English edition was published in summer by Penguin, this slim novel has been all over the place in the US. Happy to announce that a Swedish as well as a Danish edition are in preparation!

Rights sold to Brazil (Todavia), Catalan (L’Altra), China (Thinkingdom), Croatia (Fraktura), Denmark (Forlaget Olga), English US (Penguin US), English UK (Bodley Head), France (Séguier), Greece (Vakxikon), Hungary (21. Század Kiadó), Israel (Babel Publishers), Italy (Feltrinelli), Lithuania (Odile), Netherlands (De Arbeiderspers), Poland (PIW), Russia (Limbakh), Spain (Blackie Books), Sweden (Faethon), Turkey (Can Sanat) Japan (Sayusha).

A man lost in the jungle of time—a novel by legendary filmmaker Werner Herzog!

In Werner Herzog’s first book in many years, the great filmmaker and writer pays tribute to the soldier’s senseless struggle. Hiroo Onoda is a young man when Japan surrenders to the USA and the Second World War ends without him knowing. He is an old man when his personal war finally comes to an end. For decades, the soldier continued to defend an insignificant island in the Pacific long after 1945. Onoda existed in real life.

Onoda hides in the jungle like a ghost. At first, he fights other soldiers and later faces the cruelty of nature and his own demons. By interpreting flashing satellites in the sky or fragments of speech from a looted radio, Onoda pieces together the 20th century through fragments. Werner Herzog went to meet Hiroo Ononda personally in Japan, a man with a highly unusual past. His account of Onoda is a blazing, moving whirl of images that reflects the sense and absurdity of life.