Sold to Sweden and Denmark: THE END OF CAPITALISM by Ulrike Herrmann

Nine weeks after publication, „THE END OF CAPITALISM. Why Growth and Climate Protection Are Incompatible – and How We Will Live in the Future“ (Kiepenheuer & Witsch) is still at the top of the bestseller list here in Germany and this week’s #4! Best ranking so far was #1.

Rights to Fri Tanke in Sweden and Lindhardt & Ringhof in Denmark, as well as to Spain (Nova), Romania (Cetatea de Scaun).

The book was also just put on #3 on the List of Best Books of Die Welt, NZZ, WDR and ORF as well as on #9 on the List of Best Books of DIE ZEIT, DLF and ZDF in November.

Capitalism has led to many positive developments. Yet, at the same time, it is not sustainable. Economic expert and bestselling author Ulrike Herrmann explains clearly and incisively why “Green growth” is not the answer, and why what we need instead is “degrowth.”

The climate crisis is getting worse every day, but in practice almost nothing is changing. Greenhouse gases are increasing, dramatically and unchecked. This failure is no accident, because the climate crisis aims at the heart of capitalism. Prosperity and growth are only possible through the use of technology and the burning of energy. Unfortunately, green energy from the sun and wind will never be enough to fuel global growth. So industrialized countries are going to have to say goodbye to capitalism and strive for a circular economy in which we only consume what we can recycle.

How do we manage the transition without the collapse of the economy? The best model, as it turns out, is the British wartime economy after 1940.