Swiss Book Award 2022 for Kim de l’Horizon and BLOODBOOK

What a run! After receiving the Jürgen Ponto Foundation Literature Prize as well as the German Book Award 2022, Kim de l’Horizon brings home the Swiss Book Award 2022 for their debut novel BLUTBUCH. In the words of the jury:

»In ‚Blood Book,‘ Kim de l’Horizon has created a non-binary narrative character who goes back to their own childhood and explores their family history. What happens when social norms are broken? When violence is not talked about? Kim de l’Horizon transforms experience into literature – their own experience and the experience of mother, grandmother and the women before them. In this search, Kim de l’Horizon tries out different languages, voices and registers. ‚Bloodbook‘ does not give answers, but asks the questions again and again. With this novel, Kim de l’Horizon has entered new narrative territory. For this, the jury awards Kim de l’Horizon the Swiss Book Prize 2022.«

rights sold to Forlaget etcetera (Danish), Farrar, Straus & Giroux (English World); Il Saggiatore (Italian in pre-empt); NEW Cappelen Damm (Norwegian in pre-empt); De Conatus (Spanish World)

Rights are under offer in Israel, Croatia, Hungary, Slovakia, and The Netherlands.