Sold to Denmark and Norway: THE BECOMING OF KILLERS

Thriller star Romy Hausmann re-invents herself with this true crime project and takes her fans to a whole new level of talking/thinking/living crime! Her Danish publisher Superlux and her Norwegian publisher Cappelen Damm just acquired rights.

Nothing is as brutal as reality: For years, whenever Romy Hausmann researched her thrillers, she came across the stories of true crimes. TRUE CRIME comprises those cases which in her view blazingly illuminate the abyss that can be human nature: Crimes committed by people like you and I, the neighbours next door. Crimes which are not the brain child of a versatile writer but rather stem from real life. In 12 exemplary cases, Romy Hausmann examines the grounds that bred those crimes and their impact. She draws a picture of obsession and greed, grief, anger and foregiveness – the emotional and social fall-out experienced by perpetrators, victims and investigators alike.

  • former books by the author have been sold to 25 languages
  • by the author of DEAR CHILD, PERFECT DAY and MARTHA ASLEEP
  • Romy Hausmanns three thrillers have all been on the SPIEGEL bestseller list