Raving Press for Judith Hermann in Sweden!

Judith Hermann’s novel HOME received enormously good press in Norway and Denmark after it came out. Now it was published last week in Sweden by fabulous Weyler Förlag and the praise continues:

“There is so much beauty in this novel…” Dagens Nyheter

“An outstanding novel.” Svenska Dagbladet

“Brilliant… The best reading experience I’ve had in a long time.” Sveriges Radio

“A truly irresistible book.” SVT

“Judith Hermann excels…” Sydsvenskan

Press quotes from Denmark and Norway:

A pipe dream of a book. Judith Hermann writes books that are impossible to forget, books that are on the very top shelf of contemporary European literature. – Aftenposten

A magical novel – Information

 6 hearts – Politiken 

Judith Hermann’s excellent „Home“ … is exquisitely clear and wondrously slightly arty, so simple you almost don’t understand it, and yet breathtakingly dark and deep. – Kristeligt Dagblad

Home is a darkly compelling novel about daring to be anchored in a world that is drifting towards cessation and disintegration. – Jyllands Posten

Reading Judith Hermann’s new novel is like meeting an old summer crush. – NRK

Touching deeply with few words. – Dagens Naeringsliv

A low-key reminder that quality literature often touches upon the unsaid. – Stavanger Aftenblad

Judith Hermann’s Home is a quietly beautiful novel, and Sverre Dahl’s strong translation retains an air of foreignness. – Morgenbladet

I am pretty sure Judith Hermanns Home stays standing among this year’s best reading experiences. – Vartland

Home subtly embraces this unpredictable quality of life: „You rarely capture what you want to capture, you sometimes capture something completely different. Then you just get to see what you do with it.“ – Klassekampen

Judith Hermann tells the story of a departure: an old world is lost and a new one comes about.

Her daughter is a traveller, on the road far away. In little letters to her ex-husband, she tells him how she’s doing in her new life by the sea, in the north. She sets up house, forges cautious friendships, tries love for size, wonders whether she might feel at home here or ought to move on.

Judith Hermann tells the story of a woman who leaves a great deal behind her, builds resilience and becomes another person in the intense landscape of the coast.

She tells a story of remembering. And a story of a moment in which life splits in two, an old world is lost and a new one comes about.

In this new novel, Judith Hermann admirably recreates the ‘dancing, feather-light and yet melancholy tone’ (Uwe Wittstock) that makes her work so unique.

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