The 2nd volume of Julia Schoch’s trilogy BIOGRAPHY OF A WOMAN sold to Denmark

Julia Schoch’s 2nd volume to her trilogy BIOGRAPHY OF A WOMAN has spent the last months at the top of the German bestseller list. Let me tell you: This is it, this is her break-through. If you haven’t read THE INCIDENT or THE COUPLE OF THE CENTURY, yet, do it now. International rights sold to the Netherlands and Denmark, woop woop!

  • volume 1, THE INCIDENT
  • a tale of love and marriage in today’s world
  • for readers of Alex Schulman, Deborah Levy, Rachel Cusk, Annie Ernaux
  • Julia Schoch is at her best, following in the footsteps of the great female GDR writers
  • a SPIEGEL bestseller
  • rights sold to the Netherlands (De Arbeiderpers), Denmark (Klara W)
  • winner of the 2023 Schubart Literary Prize

When people fall out of love, where does that love go?

A woman wants to leave her husband. Aft er many, many years of marriage and many, many years of living together, she is determined – but also devastated. How did it come to this? While considering her next move, she takes a trip down memory lane. There were indeed many highs: the early, ecstatic days of love at university, the times they spent abroad, and later their years with their young children. But there were also lows, moments that changed the course of their lives. Moments that foreshadowed failure. But can something that went on for so long really be said to have failed?