Published in Denmark and Sweden: WASTE by Gerda Raidt

Gerda Raidt’s non-fiction book for readers from the age of 7 – WASTE. EVERYTHING ABOUT THE MOST BOTHERSOME THING IN THE WORLD (Beltz & Gelberg) was just published in Sweden and Denmark by ABC Forlag. Norwegian, Finnish and Icelandic rights are still available!

Waste. Everything about the most bothersome thing in the world

Open up the bin, toss in the trash and gone is the waste! Children know very well that things are not quite that easy. They have heard of gigantic mountains of waste and of plastic islands in the sea. They are worried. And want to do something about it. Gerda Raidt encourages children to become active. In many images and texts she describes where the waste goes when the trash trucks pick it up, why it travels around the world and even speeds through space, why we produce tons of waste – and how we can change things by starting with ourselves.