Sold to Denmark!

You might have seen Norbert Scheuer’s WINTER BEES (C.H.Beck 2019) on the shortlist to the German Book Award. If You haven’t read it, yet, please absolutely do so now! I am happy to announce that Forlaget Olga from Denmark just acquired rights to this amazing story of a beekeeper who – during WWII – helps Jews and political refugees across the border to Belgium by hiding them among his bee hives.

  • shortlisted for the German Book Award 2019
  • winner of the Wilhelm Raabe Literature Prize
  • rights sold to the Netherlands, Italy and Denmark

“This intelligent portrait of a bee-loving solitary develops into a quiet study of a fascinating piece of history. (…) Scheuer describes the search for normality in times of a state of exception.” Landshuter Zeitung, Günter Keil 

„Right from the beginning this masterly narrated novel captures its readers and keeps its tension until the gloomy end.” Rheinische Post, Ronald Schneider 

«With every book Norbert Scheuer becomes more visible as one of our greatest story-tellers.» Richard Kämmerlings, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

„It is with the greatest pleasure that I read Norbert Scheuer’s books in the years. His quiet story-telling that hits You, his plots come to You as lucid as dreams. If You haven’t read him yet, do it now.” Deutschlandfunk Kultur Lesart, Hubert Winkels 

„Reading his works set in the provinces on the country side lets You arrive at the heart of the world. I recommend this author urgently. This is a book that left me deeply impressed.” Deutschlandfunk Kultur Lesart, Jörg Magenau 

„It is with elegance and great sensitivity that Scheuer avoids the blunt depiction of the terrors – a magnificent read.” Deutschlandfunk Büchermarkt, Christoph Schröder 

„A novel that gives great space to resonance, rich in repeated motives that sound sometimes light and sometimes dark (…) a fascinating book.”
Frankfurter Rundschau, Martin Oehlen 

„A novel filled with light-weighted sentences that contain the full weight of life: the hope, the fear, the delight.” Stern, Oliver Creutz 

„Measuring the weight of novelists such as Norbert Scheuer means to recognize that the outer plausibility of dairy writing collapses with the inner plausibility of the narration.” Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Patrick Bahners 

„A wonderful novel about the scent of women, the scent of honey and the fate of a man who – just like his bees –tries to protect what he sees around him.” Kölnische Rundschau, Susanne Schramm 

„A book that left me deeply impressed“ Bayern 2, Knut Cordsen

“a small gem of wartime writing, with, in among the bleakness, a spirituality of sorts”- Times Literary Supplement on “The Language of Birds” (2015)

“A weightless and beautiful book about catastrophes and rescue”- Süddeutsche Zeitung on “The Language of Birds” (2015)