Sold to Norway: Birgit Bulla’s Book on the Bladder

We are super thrilled about the international start of Birgit Bulla’s HOME AND DRY? Everything You Need to Know About Your Bladder, to be published by hanserblau at the end of September. Rights in Norway were just pre-empted!

  • Rights sold English World (Scribe), Italy (Punto d’Incontro), Korea (Open Books), Norway (Manuskript).

Did you know that your bladder, just like your skin, reflects your emotional health? That the male urethra is eight inches long, while the female urethra is only five to seven? But until a few years ago, medical research only looked at the male body? That we hold our breath when we pee and two sphincters control our bladders?

The bladder is a special and complex organ that is shrouded in ignorance. In a fresh, direct style, Birgit Bulla’s book explores the biggest problem area for women’s health. Because you can only take care of your body if you know how it works.

Out of the blue in her mid-twenties, Birgit developed an irritable bladder. The response to her blog,, shows that she’s far from alone. Today she knows everything about our sensitive, beautiful organ. And it comes as no surprise: Bulla is, after all, the Latin word for bladder., on Instagram: @pinkelbelle

Including wonderful illustrations by Birgit’s twin sister, Annette!