Independent Bookseller’s Favourite Novel 2021: Ewald Arenz and GRAND SUMMER (Dumont)

Ewald Arenz’ bestselling novel DER GROSSE SOMMER/ THE GRAND SUMMER has just been announced Independent Bookseller’s Favourite Novel 2021 at the Frankfurt Book Fair. Booksellers from over 820 independent bookshops have choosen their Favorite Novel 2021 from 232 titles submitted.

After his huge success ALTE SORTEN (Heirloom Varieties) Ewald Arenz has written a coming of age story, a novel about the first big love,  about friendship and family, about all the „first times“ in your life told through the eyes or our hero Friedrich, now a grown-up man,  looking back at the summer that changed his life.

The nostalgic tone, evoking the smell of summer, the rustling of the leaves and the excitement of first love  will capture you from the first sentence:  A novel that brings back long forgotten memories of one’s own youth.

  • Rights sold to: Nieuw Amsterdam (Dutch), Orenda Books (English World); Varrak (Estonian)
  • More than 100.000 copies sold of THE GRAND SUMMER
  • 28 weeks on the bestseller list: this week’s #20 in hardcover
  • More than 320,000 copies sold of HEIRLOOM VARIETIES (2019), 63 weeks on the bestseller list!, this week’s #6 in paperback, #10 YEAR 2020 BESTSELLER LIST PAPERBACK, SHORTLIST INDEPENDENT BOOKSELLER’S FAVOURITE NOVEL 2019, rights Czech Republic, the Netherlands, World English, France, Italy and Turkey