HOW TO EAT A MAMOTH? sold to Norway, Korea and the US

The fabulous cultural history „How to Eat a Mammoth? The History of Humanity in 50 Dishes“ by Uta Seeburg is making its way North: Frisk Forlag acquired the Norwegian rights!! Not only Norwegian rights have been sold, but also Korean (to Vison B & P) and World English (to The Experiment), so do take a look, this Mammoth can travel for sure the World!

  • roasted mammoth, the last supper or Hawaiian toast — Uta Seburger presents dishes that offer a glimpse into an era
  • a Culinary History of Humanity
  • the perfect gift to bring along when you’re invited to dinner with friends!

Did you know that the nobel citizens of Ancient Rome loved to watch live birds flutter out of a roasted piglets? Or that gladiators at the colosseum followed a vegan diet? How did the pickled herring come to be? And was the last mammoth really consumed in London in 1951?

Fifty dishes serve as touchstones for a history of food — and humanity, too. Uta Seeburg takes fifty dishes and presents us with a chronological culinary history of humanity. From roasted mammoth (approx. 11,000 BC), to Babylonian stew (2000 BC), the last supper (approx. 30 AD), baked swan (1672), Wiener Schnitzel (around 1830) or Hawaiian toast (1955) to Ferran Adria’s iconic liquid olives (2003): each essay describes a dish and why its creation marks a key moment in history. Learn what was eaten to celebrate the victory at Waterloo and how the omelette ended up on TV.