nominated: Halina Kirschner for Best New Illustrator 2019

Among the three nominees for the German Children’s Books Award 2019 in the category „Best Young Talent“ You will find Halina Kirschner who is the amazingly talented illustrator of the children’s book „TRACTOR IS COMING, TOO“ (mairisch, 2018) and “ a genius when it comes to screen-print-optic.“

The book was already awarded as one of the 5 Most Beautiful German Children’s Books 2018 and rights sold to

  • UK & Ireland (Little Island)
  • Spanish (Takatuka)
  • Katalan (Takatuka)
  • Danish (Damgaard)

„There are about a thousand things for Tractor to do in the city. At least a thousand.“

What are you saying? The tractor is not supposed to come along? I can hardly understand why we will be moving from the countryside into the city, but okay, if you wish to do so … But I really cannot see why the tractor should not come along. You might not know, but there are so many things to do for a tractor in town. It can help when we go shopping and you need more than the usual for example. Or when there is a traffic jam on the motorway, the tractor can easily make way, which will be much better than to wait behind other small cars. I tell you: Either the tractor’s coming too or I stay!