Sold to Finland!

First it landed on the SPIEGEL bestseller list and is now on its way to Finland where Johnny Kniga acquired Finnish rights to Till Lindemann’s new volume of poetry! Do you feel you’ve heard the name before? Right you have. Till Lindemann is the lead singer of RAMMSTEIN and has written poetry for most of his adult life.

Rammstein’s most recent album made it to #1 in fourteen countries. This summer, they will be touring through Europe. What an opportunity to introduce his more literary side. With his collections „Messer“ and „In stillen Nächten“ Till Lindemann made his mark as a poet. More than 100,000 copies of „In stillen Nächten“ were sold and the book has been translated into 7 languages. Till Lindemann’s poetry is incisive and vibrant, evoking very powerful imagery with just a few lines.

Now he has written a new volume which comprises one hundred new poems. They once again circle universal themes, always looking at them in a surprising way that can be at the same time unsettling and humorous. There really is nothing to compare this style of writing to since Till Lindemann manages to always find a new and unique approach to age-old themes and to poetry as a literary form.

Rights to „100 POEMS have already been sold to Finland and Russia.