World English Right Sold: Nino Haratischvili’s JUJA

Let us share the awesome news right away: Scribe just acquired rights to Nino Haratischvili’s fiction debut JUJA, published by Verbrecher Verlag in Germany.

“Ice Age” by suicidal young author Jeanne Saré was a big success in the 1970s, particularly in feminist circles. Saré’s angry narrative was reported to have driven several readers to take their own lives. Back in present day Paris some people have started a search for the elusive Jeanne Saré. What is the publisher – a grumpy old man – hiding? Why is there no written trace of the author? And why did the book have such an impact? Nino Haratischvili describes in dizzying detail the significance stories can have on life.

The fiction debut by the author of the international bestseller THE EIGHTH LIFE (FOR BRILKA), longlisted for the Booker International Prize 2020.

»No doubt Nino Haratischvili is one of the most important voices of contemporary German literature.« Die Zeit

»Something rather extraordinary happened. The world fell away and I fell, wholly, happily, into the book… My breath caught in my throat, tears nestled in my lashes… devastatingly brilliant.« The New York Times Book Review on The Eighth Life

»Nino Haratischvili’s characters…come to exuberant life.« The Financial Times on The Eighth Life

»I have certainly met enough women in my life who have expressed this explicitly, especially the stories shared by their mothers and grandmothers―the implication being that we don’t get enough of these stories in literature or biographies. It is perhaps for this reason that reading Nino Haratischwili […] feels so familiar, almost like a wish fulfilled.« Asymptote