#1 on the German bestseller list: LOVE ON BAD DAYS by Ewald Arenz

Ewald Arenz’ new novel LOVE ON BAD DAYS (Dumont) came out a week ago, started #8 on the bestseller list and moved up to #1 this week!!!

  • the new book by bestseller author Ewald Arenz!
  • the author of TASTING SUNLIGHT (2019) and THE GRAND SUMMER (2021): 800.000 copies sold in Germany alone, rights sold to Al Arabi (Arabic); Delightpress (Complex Chinese Characters); Host (Czech); Nieuw Amsterdam (Dutch); Orenda Books (English World); Varrak (Estonian); Albin Michel (French); Keller Editore (Italian); Literárna bašta (Slovak); Garzanti (Italian); Yan Pasaj (Turkish)
  • English sample translation available

From their first meeting, Clara and Elias know that they are meant for each other. This changes everything: Elias can no longer suppress the fact that he is stuck in a false life with his girlfriend. And Clara realizes that it is time to give up her self-imposed solitude. But there is the age difference and her unresolved feelings of guilt following her husband’s death. Elias, on the other hand, doesn’t really know how to stand by anything in life, because as an actor he knows how to rescue himself from reality into the play again and again. The wild happiness of the first days is followed by the first test, and the two doubt and fight with and for each other. Can one, no longer quite young and laden with life experience, find and live love once again, or even for the first time? The answer is: Yes!

„Especially on bad days, and there are quite a few of them at the moment, self-care and cynicism don’t warm you up. This book does.“
Elisa von Hof, DER SPIEGEL

„Vividly, with fine humour and gentle melancholy, Ewald Arenz describes the light and dark sides of a love in midlife.“


„It is a great pleasure to read how Arenz captures the magic of the beginning.“


„Reads brilliantly!“ Katja Nele Bode, BRIGITTE WOMAN

„Ewald Arenz has […] once again succeeded in writing a wonderful book. Sensitively, he tells of great, wild feelings in ‚Die Liebe an miesen Tagen‘.“
Andrea Gerk, NDR KULTUR