Anke Stelling Wins Leipzig Book Fair Prize 2019

In her books, Anke Stelling does an incredible job exploring the middle class psyche – the quality of her prose and her sharp eye for contemporary questions have earned her many prizes already. Now she received the Prize of the Leipzig Book Fair 2019! The book has been sold out many times since and made it to the top of the Spiegel Bestsellerlist.

In „SCHÄFCHEN IM TROCKENEN“ (Verbrecher Verlag, 2018) she tells the story of Resi who will need to find a new place to live. Only: that’s not so easy in Berlin these days. She could have known it might become complicated to be the under-tenant in the apartment she shares with her friends. In the end: What is friendship? In their case it has built some cracks over the years. Time to tidy out – including old lease agreements. Resi should have known that once children start entering the picture the ones in line to inherit money later will start dreaming of owning houses and flats. Resi is not so lucky. As a working class child she realizes she will need to step up for herself.

Anke Stelling is furthermore the winner of the Friedrich-Hölderlin-Preis 2019. „SCHÄFCHEN IM TROCKENEN“ was listed on SWR list of best books February 2019, nominated for the Franz-Hessel-Preis 2019, and quoted by Frankfurter Rundschau as the insider’s tip for the Frankfurt Book Fair 2018. The Prize of the Leipzig Book Fair is one of Germany’s most important literary awards.